Will Drinking More Water Help Me Lose Weight?

Many studies show that not only can drinking more water help a person lose weight, but it can also help them maintain that weight once they get to the weight they wish to maintain. While it may seem like consuming more volume of liquid would make you gain weight (it does temporarily) in the long run, that appears not to be the case.
So, the question gets posed: How does drinking more water help me lose weight? In this post, we will explore just that:

Drinking An Adequate Amount of Water Helps Reduce Appetite:

Many people who do not consume enough water on a regular basis may mistake hunger for dehydration. This practice of drinking water before meals helping someone lose weight is especially true in middle-aged or older adults who studies show may have their weight loss increase by up to 2.2 kg or about 4.4 lbs over 12 weeks when consuming adequate water before they ate each meal or snack.

In another study, those who were overweight or obese found that if they drank water regularly while they were dieting, they lost 44% more weight than those who did not have an adequate water intake while dieting.

Another study showed that those who drink water before they consumed breakfast consumed 13% fewer calories throughout the rest of the day than those who did not drink water before their breakfast.

Takeaway: For older individuals, drinking more water before meals seem to help with appetite control and therefore limits weight gain.

Drinking Adequate Water Allows Your Body to Burn More Calories:

Drinking adequate amounts of water allows your body to burn calories more efficiently. Studies show that the average person who drank 500 ml of water burned about 2-3% more calories for 90 minutes after that water gets consumed. While this may not be a massive jump in calories burnt, consistently maintaining hydration and burning these calories on a daily basis can help add up to your body burning calories more efficiently than it would if your body was consistently dehydrated.

Water Helps Remove Waste From the Body:

Being adequately hydrated helps the body consistently move solid wastes out of the body. This consistent hydration helps the person who is consuming adequate water avoid constipation. It also allows the kidneys to function to remove toxic waste from the body on a regular basis. Drinking water on a regular basis can also help a person avoid bloat or swollen feelings as they are eliminating waste from their body in an effective manner.

Water Helps Cut Calories From Liquids:

Consuming water on a regular basis can help an individual cut liquid calories from their diets. Water has zero calories versus sugary juices, sodas, teas, or lemonades that can pack in the empty calories, not to mention the sugars and other additives that are not good for the body. Even diet beverages get filled with artificial sweeteners and additives that can cause bloat. Sometimes, the diet drinks can be even worse for an individual to consume than the regular, full-calorie ones. Not having these empty calories in one’s diet can be a massive boost to weight loss.

Water Helps Burn Fat:

Water helps the body burn stored fats and carbohydrates by turning them into fuel that the body can readily use. The body’s ability to process these fats and convert them into energy is called lipolysis. Water is what helps this process called lipolysis continue to occur in the body. If adequate water is not present in the diet, this process can not happen as quickly, which can mean that fat loss doesn’t happen as soon as it would if the body was hydrated.


Water makes up approximately 60% of the body’s weight, and it is vital to human life. While drinking an adequate amount of water won’t be a “magic bullet” to help you lose weight, it can help your weight loss efforts go further. It is recommended that the average adult woman should consume about 2,700 ml of water per day and the average male should consume about 3,700 ml per day.

For further information on how drinking enough water consistently can help you lose that weight and keep it off, please feel free to contact us at Goody Water for further assistance and for products that can help you up your hydration game even when you’re busy and on the go!