What You Should Know About Charcoal Carbon Water Filters

Optimal personal health hinges on fresh drinking water. In developing and third-world countries, contaminated water continues to cause countless deaths and instances of disease; those of us with access to superior filtering options should think twice before taking them for granted. Even sanitized water can be unhealthy– harsh chemicals are used to clean the liquid; but carbon filters can help us circumvent this issue and get the cleanest, healthiest water available to us.

What is Charcoal? 

Charcoal is an amorphous form of carbon. This essentially means that it’s carbon without a clear structure. It’s extremely porous and can trap and hold a vast range of harmful drinking water contaminants. Most charcoal and carbon water filters produced today go through specialized fabrication techniques that mix extra oxygen with the charcoal to render it even more permeable. 

What is My Carbon Filter Removing from My Water?

Chemicals! Lots of them. Active carbon has been shown to be an excellent water filter due to the fact that it’s considered very effective at removing at least 81 chemicals. Another 30 chemicals can be effectively removed, and 22 on top of that are at least moderately impacted. The EPA states that carbon filters are also the only filters they recommend for removing all 32 of the identified organic contaminants that can ruin our water.

Shouldn’t My Tap Water Be Safe?

In short, yes. Most public tap water in western civilization is very highly regulated. It must be tested and certified before it ever makes it to us. One reason that it’s so safe, though, can be attributed to chlorine. This oftentimes leaves water tasting and smelling a little less than desirable. Activated carbon filters can be utilized as tap water filters, too. 

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