Tap Water: Where Does It Come From?

Water is everywhere. It covers 72% of our Earth and comprises over 60% of our bodies, and we can’t survive without it. Chances are, you grew up taking for granted how easy it is to turn on the tap and access the resource. And you’re not alone — most of us don’t put any thought into how water actually gets to our tap. 

Where Does Tap Water Come From?

Tap water typically comes from one of two sources: groundwater and surface water. Groundwater accumulates underground via precipitation — like rain or snow — that seeps into the ground. This water will either rise to the surface as a spring or can be accessed by drilling a well. Surface water is, as the name suggests, water that accumulates at the earth’s surface, such as in rivers or lakes. Surface water must usually be filtered before it’s safe to drink.

How Is Water Filtered and Transported to Me?

First, water is pumped from the ground into large tanks. Then, depending on the area you live in, the water will be treated for impurities and harmful substances by a public municipal water treatment system. After that, the water will be pumped through pipes from the facility to your home plumbing system.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Yes! Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the EPA established a set of regulations that include over 90 drinking water contaminants. This ensures that tap water is filtered and treated adequately before it reaches your home.

Then Why Use a Water Filter at Home?

Unfortunately, although tap water is generally safe to drink, it’s not perfect. For one, although harmful bacteria and other microorganisms have been removed, a lot of the other impurities may remain. Your tap water might not smell or taste ideal, which might make you less likely to want to drink it. In a world where 75% of adults suffer from some form of chronic dehydration, we should be doing everything we can to boost our water consumption! So how do we get from funny-tasting but safe water to the clean taste we want? The answer is filtration.

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