Gift of Health


Share the gift of clean, safe drinking water with your family and friends. This set includes two Flow bottles, one Hydrate bottle and one Oasis pitcher.

Flow & Hydrate Features

  • Holds up to 600 ml & 850 ml of water respectively.
  • 100% BPA free, non-leaching plastic.
  • Lasts up to 567 Liters (or over a thousand 500 ml bottles of water).

Oasis Features

  • Holds up to 3L of water.
  • Flip-top lid for easy filling.
  • Easy to use, non-slip pistol grip.

  • For everyday use – Goody filters remove 99% of all contaminants found in water including lead & mercury.
  • For your wallet – Goody products save you hundreds of dollars by eliminating the need to buy countless disposable water bottles.
  • For the planet – Each Goody bottle keeps more than a thousand single use bottles out of landfills.
  • Tested by independent laboratories using EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF standards 42 and 53.


Additional information

Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm

Goody Filter Statistics

Goody Water Brand 1 Brand 2 Brand 3
Filter Life (up to) 680 Litres 225 Litres 180 Litres 180 Litres
Water Sources Any Indoor/Outdoor Municipal Only Municipal Only Municipal Only
Chlorine 99% Removed Reduced Reduced Reduced
Lead 99% Removed 30% Removed 14% Removed 23% Removed
Mercury 98% Removed 62% Removed 74% Removed 85% Removed
Iron 98% Removed No Claim No Claim No Claim
Chromium 99% Removed No Claim No Claim No Claim
Turbidity 97% Removed Reduced Reduced Reduced
Natural pH Value 7.4 No Claim No Claim No Claim

For more in-dept information, please download our Comparison PDF


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