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A sustainable way to enjoy delicious, purified water on the go.


  • How is Goody different?
  • Does my purchase of Goody products have an impact?
  • Where do Goody products come from?
  • Have Goody products been tested in professional laboratories?
  • Can I add protein powder, tea bags, lemon, flavoured mix, etc. to the water?
  • Do you have a fact sheet for your filters?

  • I have already installed a filtration system at home, why do I need Goody Products?
  • What water sources can I use Goody products with?
  • What about salt water?
  • What about hot water?
  • Can I put my Goody products in the freezer?
  • Will bacteria grow in Goody Filters even if I don’t use it often?
  • Can Goody filters harbor or breed bacteria or other contaminants within the filter?
  • If local water is safe to use, why do I need Goody products to filter my water?
  • Are Goody products dishwasher safe?
  • Are Goody products BPA free?

  • Can the water go above the filter?
  • How do I clean the pitcher and the filter?
  • What if I am away for extended periods of time?

  • Do I need to flush the water bottle before using it?
  • How do you drink from the Goody bottle?

  • What is the VIP membership program?
  • How to update billing and shipping information for my VIP account?
  • How to cancel VIP membership?
  • Other Questions?

  • Where do Goody products ship to?
  • How are shipping costs applied?
  • When will my order be processed?
  • Can I track my order?
  • What if I want to return the product?

VIP Program

Goody would like to keep in touch about our new products, exclusive sale events and regular newsletter. By doing so, we offer you 5% off once you register and 5% off every purchase you make of $50 or more.

Please email Goody at marketing@goodywater.ca with information that you would like to keep us to posted.

Cancel your VIP membership by mailing Goody at marketing@goodywater.ca with the subject line ‘Cancel my VIP account’ and we will notify you when your account becomes inactive.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at info@goodywater.ca.

For further inquiries related to shipping & delivery

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