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A sustainable way to enjoy delicious, purified water on the go.


  • How is Goody different?
  • Does my purchase of Goody products have an impact?
  • Where do Goody products come from?
  • Have Goody products been tested in professional laboratories?
  • Can I add protein powder, tea bags, lemon, flavoured mix, etc. to the water?
  • Do you have a fact sheet for your filters?

  • I have already installed a filtration system at home, why do I need Goody Products?
  • What water sources can I use Goody products with?
  • What about salt water?
  • What about hot water?
  • Can I put my Goody products in the freezer?
  • Will bacteria grow in Goody Filters even if I don’t use it often?
  • Can Goody filters harbor or breed bacteria or other contaminants within the filter?
  • If local water is safe to use, why do I need Goody products to filter my water?
  • Are Goody products dishwasher safe?
  • Are Goody products BPA free?

  • Can the water go above the filter?
  • How do I clean the pitcher and the filter?
  • What if I am away for extended periods of time?

  • Do I need to flush the water bottle before using it?
  • How do you drink from the Goody bottle?

  • What is the VIP membership program?
  • How to update billing and shipping information for my VIP account?
  • How to cancel VIP membership?
  • Other Questions?

  • Where do Goody products ship to?
  • How are shipping costs applied?
  • When will my order be processed?
  • Can I track my order?
  • What if I want to return the product?


70% of the water we consume daily is away from home. You cannot bring your built-in filtration system anywhere you go, but Goody Bottles are portable.

Almost any water source, municipally treated water, rivers, lakes and streams can all pass through a Goody filter and 99% of all contaminants are removed from the drinking water.

No, Goody filters cannot filter salt water.

No, Goody filters cannot filter hot water.

No, Goody filters are embedded with anti-microbial media that prevents the growth of bacteria.

Bacteria can grow on anything, the key is to periodically rinse the filter. The best option is to change the filter whenever the water flows slowly. Goody filters have reached the end of its useful life when the water drips slowly or not at all, the filters must be replaced at this point.

Your local authority does not have the same technology as Goody Water to remove contaminants found in drinking water. Problems also occur when water passes through copper and lead pipes in order to transport from treatment plant to your tap. The quality of the water that arrives at your tap may not be perfect due to the municipal infrastructure and or your household system.

No, please do not put any Goody products into the dishwasher.

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