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The filtered pitcher perfect for your home

A sustainable way to enjoy delicious, purified water on the go.

Is Your Water Safe?

Contamination Awareness

There are currently 80 ‘regulated’ contaminants and more than 2,000 unregulated toxins and chemicals that could be present in your drinking water. These contaminants can expose your organs, such as the liver, kidneys and digestive system to potential diseases and carcinogenic risks.

Goody water filters remove up to 99% of impurities found in drinking water, including lead and mercury, while retaining beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.


Unpleasant taste and odors, cloudiness, silt, sediment, Chlorine and Chlorine by products.


Harmful microscopic pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-Coli and other cysts and spores.

Heavy Metals

Filter Aluminum, Asbestos, Fluoride, Cadmium, Chromium 6, Copper, Lead, Arsenic and Mercury.

Protect your body from disease and improve your overall health by purging your water of harmful contamination with Goody water filtration technology. Made entirely from recyclable plastics that are BPA free and FDA approved – Goody filters purify water from any municipal water source, as well as rainwater, rivers, lakes and streams.

1 or 1,000 Bottles?

Protecting Our Environment

Goody water filters delivers up to 680 litres of clean drinking water, replacing more than 1,000 disposable plastic bottles. That’s one thousand less bottles floating on the ocean being eaten by marine life or littering our streets, neighborhoods and parks.

A single Goody water filter can save you well over $1,000 that would otherwise be spent on disposable plastic bottles that only end up in landfills and elsewhere, making Goody the best choice for both the environment and your wallet!


Unpleasant taste and odors, cloudiness, silt, sediment, Chlorine and Chlorine by products.


Harmful microscopic pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-Coli and other cysts and spores.


All Goody products are 100% recyclable and BPA free.

More than 60 billion disposable bottles are sold in Canada and the US each year. Less than 23% of those are recycled and as a result the rest end up in landfills, forests, lakes and oceans.

Nearly two thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, yet there is a shortage of clean drinking water due to contamination. Goody water filters significantly reduce your output of plastic waste and help pass down a clean, sustainable eco-system to future generations. The planet and those who enjoy her clean environments will be ever grateful for your eco-friendly decisions today.

The Smarter Way

The Smarter Way to Stay Hydrated

Goody water filtration products are ideal for all lifestyles. Stay hydrated wherever you go while keeping your wallet and the planet happy.

Goody water filters are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Take your portable water filter anywhere: traveling, hiking, biking, fishing and shopping.

Use with any type of water source (tap, rain, river, lake, stream, etc.) Ensure that you never use hot or salt water and never freeze your filter..

Helping Communities

Some major brands have their products made in China, including the filters. Our products are made and assembled in North America.

A portion of each Goody product sold goes to the Goody foundation which aims at helping First Nations communities in Canada. We are currently liaised with Right to Play working together to help more than 130 Ontario First Nations communities living under a ‘Boil Water’ Advisory.

The Science Behind the Most Tested Water Filter

Quality by Design

Goody water’s deep filtration technology uses micro-porous coconut carbon media, carefully cultured to remove or reduce 99% of harmful contamination from water.

Goody water filters contain thousands of interconnected omni-directional pores to maximize the removal process through adsorption, absorption, chemical bonding and deep filtration.

Data Driven Performance

Goody products use Ionic Adsorption Micron Filtration Technology: the most laboratory and field tested water filtration product on the market. Compare the benefits of Goody filtration versus the competition by reviewing our downloadable PDF and discover why choosing Goody is the smarter way.

If you’re looking for more in-depth information, click here to download our Comparison PDF